The Armstrong Lie.

Alex Gibney has made some of the finest documentaries of the last decade and here he turns the camera on Lance Armstrong. There can’t be too many people unfamiliar with the Armstrong story and Gibney initially signed up to cover Armstrong’s 2009 comeback.

Gibney had a whole documentary good to go before the sackload of muck hit the fan. By his own admission Gibney was sucked in by Armstrong’s charms and seemed willing to buy into the fairytale comeback story. It’s a bit of a shame that he wasn’t able to gain a little more out of the final interview he conducted after Armstrong’s infamous Oprah interview. I would love to have heard him probed a bit more about the many careers he tried to ruin.

Gibney has however managed to salvage the situation fairly well and made an engrossing film that covers most of the main issues in the story of one of the greatest charlatans of our time.


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