Helen Walsh – The Lemon Grove

I’m not normally one for picking up books that follow the stories of sexy encounters on summer holidays but this one grabbed my attention. It all takes place over a week in a villa in Deia on the island of Mallorca and makes for a thrilling, fast-paced read

Jenn and her husband Greg make the trip out here every year and it’s clearly something that’s much needed, a chance for them to be alone and away from the daily grind. This time they’re joined on their trip by Jenn’s stepdaughter Emma and her boyfriend Nathan. There’s a stark contrast between Jenn’s relationship and that of her daughter and there’s a real sense of envy of the beauty of youth.

Jenn’s witnessing Emma become a young woman and it seems a far cry from the memories she holds of her on previous holidays on the island. She’s in awe of Emma’s body and she’s feeling a bit of regret for some wasted youth. She becomes obsessed with Nathan and this desire carries the novel forward, moving at a whirlwind pace.

This is far from mere erotic fiction though. It highlights human desire and the issues involved in raising another person’s child and the difficulties a long-term relationship can hold. It’s a summer read that holds real weight.


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