Eric Faye – Nagasaki

Shimura Kobo is a 56 year old meteorologist, living on his own in Nagasaki. He’s a man that sticks to a rigid routine of an evening, avoiding trips to the bar with colleagues in favour of getting home for dinner at the usual time.

He notices that food and drink is going missing after a while and sets out to find out what’s been happening. He initially doubts himself but some markings and receipts prove his suspicions.

He sets up a webcam in order to keep track of what’s been happening. When he watches the events unfold on the computer screen at works he imagines a different life for himself, one where he has a wife at home that occasionally acknowledges him watching.

This is a book about the people that live on the fringes of society, people that exist relatively alone and would be regarded as nobodies by much of the wider world. It’s a short and ultimately moving book that will resonate with many.

Nagasaki will be published by Gallic Books on April 14.


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