Danny Dorling – All That Is Solid

Everyone knows how much damage has been caused by problems in the housing industry. In spite of this, we’re seeing increases in property prices on a ridiculous scale in London and elsewhere. Danny Dorling investigates how our housing situation came to be and what alternatives there are for us in future.

Dorling illustrates how the super rich are driving up the process and the people below them are copying this behaviour, albeit in more modest ways. Massive subsidies are giving the impression of stability in the UK. Interest rates are low and people are investing in property with little consideration of how they’ll be affected if these conditions change.

The right to shelter is a fundamental one for every human being but people are being priced out of it by sheer greed, with the rich hoarding property. Dorling differs from many as he’s not arguing for new homes to built as he argues there’s more than enough for everyone, even in London. It’s the way that the property is being shared that’s unfair, with people living in huge homes that they don’t really need and buying multiple homes as investments. Houses should be homes for people to live in and not places which damage society by lying empty while someone waits for the right time to sell.

Dorling believes the distribution of property is unfair and he’s put together a clear and passionate argument for a better way in All That Is Solid. People in the UK seem to have very short memories that are getting poorer with time in relation to housing issues. Many would do well to read Danny Dorling’s excellent book.


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