Harry Leslie Smith – Harry’s Last Stand

Some people may wonder if we need the views of a 91-year old RAF veteran in addition to all the other views and opinions we take in on a daily basis. Harry Leslie Smith feels he has lived through a wealth of experiences and is here to give us his unique view on the state of Britain and its possible future direction.

He feels Britain has gone from a nation that stood up to fascism and Hitler and created the welfare to state to one that elects governments that are totally in thrall to big business. He’s seen the same things occur at different points in his life and says he may be old but he still has the same worries as many people.

He feels that people are living in a culture of fear fuelled by tabloid sensationalism. People are getting caught up in stories about immigration and are losing sight of those in need. He wonders why the tabloids castigate ordinary people while huge corporations dodge tax. He watches the news but it feels tired, as if written by lobbyists.

Harry describes the motions of his day and recalls distant memories. He remembers the Great Depression and gives a heartbreaking account of the experiences of his own family. He worries about the NHS and housing and wonders how the beautiful systems set up to protect the poor are being destroyed. He’s concerned that Britain could be withering into two nations, the rich and the poor.

Harry says that people need to vote to make sure a wide range of voices are heard. Britain’s social safety net is at risk if people don’t take action to protect it. Big business must be taxed properly and he feels young people should travel the length and breadth of the country to see the wide diversity and gain a good knowledge of all walks of life.

This could easily have become a bit of a rant about the state of the nation but Harry has let us in on his own personal experience to put forward a passionate argument for people to think about the things that really matter and benefit society as a whole. These things must be protected in order to create a fairer, more tolerant and ultimately happier and better society.


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