DBC Pierre – Breakfast with the Borgias

Ariel Panek is supposed to be making his way to a convention but he gets sidetracked when his plane is grounded in London as a result of heavy fog. We find him making his way to a random guesthouse which he plans on making a sharp exit from and getting on the road again.

DBC Pierre has produced something of a horror story in more ways than one. Ariel is pining for Zeva here, hoping to make contact with her and let her know where he’s at. The modern terror of losing phone and internet connectivity is a fairly clever one and Ariel struggles with this throughout the book. He requests a room at the top so he can try and make some kind of contact, something that’ll be familiar to anyone running around the house years ago trying to get a signal.

He’s crying out for a generic hotel, somewhere where he can lock himself in his room away from the oddball family he has to spend his time with. I had a little bit of fun with these guys as I tried to work out what might be in store as the book progresses but it was ultimately as predictable as I’d initially thought.

Breakfast with the Borgias tries to make some clever statements about us being lost in the world and our struggle to keep contact which each other, as well as playing on our fears of losing modern comforts. It’s very poorly executed though and ultimately more than a little bit tiresome.


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