SJ Watson – Second Life

Julia is dealing with the devastating news of her sister’s death in Paris. She’s feeling very guilty about a great number of things over the years, not least of all the fact that her sister Kate had been trying to regain custody of her son before her death.

Julia decides to try and work out what happened to Kate and find out exactly what she might’ve been involved in. This leads Julia into a murky online world of sex and various other shady affairs. She’s involved in things she could never have imagined and feels completed when she takes her first drink in fifteen years.

Second Life deals with the online version of ourselves and how this can often differ wildly from the way we present ourselves in ‘real’ life. It shows the dark online world people can easily get drawn into and how quickly they can become addicted. Some will be uncomfortable with some of the material this, notably the depiction of the fantasies of one individual.

I had to suspend my disbelief an extraordinary amount though as I found a fair bit of it extremely implausible but overall I felt it was an enjoyable thriller that kept me wondering what was coming next.


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