Ric Rawlins – Rise of the Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals are one of the best bands of the last twenty years, amassing an amazing back catalogue and it has been great to see them returning to live shows recently. They have a very wide fanbase, appealing to lovers of indie, psychedelic, techno and classic rock. This book charts the rise of this most extraordinary band.

We see their origins, with the Furries interested in a new form of Welsh nationalism. They’re not interested in any national anthem as they feel it’s so exclusive and they’re criticised in some camps for singing in English. They opt for myth making about themselves rather than fall into the cliched stereotypes of what a Welsh band should be.

The book tells some of the madcap stories about the band, like them buying a tank for promotion and customising it so that the primary function is as a mobile soundsystem that’d challenge the Criminal Justice Act. Other stories include them larking about in a safari park, shooting a video in Colombia and playing gigs in surround sound.

Rise of the Super Furry Animals will charm anyone that reads it as it gives a great overview of the band, with a big emphasis on the artwork that added so much to the joy of their records. It’s told in a wild and witty way that seems to get to the essence of what the Super Furry Animals are all about.


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