Renee Knight – Disclaimer

Catherine picks up a book that appears to tell her story and she’s very unsettled by it but just has to keep reading. She can’t recall buying the book and has no idea where it has come from. She feels like she’s being watched and wonders whether she should tell her husband about some things that happened many years ago.

This is quite a premise and I had just had to keep reading like Catherine to see how this has all come about. Even her son has read the book and Catherine has no idea how her son has found this particular title or if he could possibly link the story back to her.

Thankfully the second narrative shows how the book has come into their hands. This tells the story of Stephen, a very lonely man who’s hunting Catherine down. He wants the book to find readers who share his judgement of Catherine. There’s a real sense here of how life can come back to haunt us and the story is well told through the dual narrative. We see both sides of the story and how people deal with incidents that happened many years ago.

Renee Knight’s Disclaimer has a great central idea and its executed brilliantly. It’s a thriller that manages to be unpredictable, with interesting and believable central characters. It maintains its unpredictability and will hook most readers to the end.


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