Steph Broadribb – Deep Down Dead


Steph Broadribb’s debut is the first instalment of the adventures of bounty hunter Lori Anderson. She’s a tough cookie and Deep Down Dead sees her on the hunt for a fugitive by the name of JT, who turns out to be none other than her former mentor. She takes her young child Dakota along for the ride when attempting to find him, bring him in and find out how and why this whole situation has arisedn.

The book gradually reveals Lori’s back story and we see how badly treated she had been in the past, with her husband disappearing on her and treating her horrifically badly. We find out how she came to be taught the skills needed to become a bounty hunter and the tragic tale of her daughter’s illness.

Her decision to take her daughter on the road is a troublesome one as we find Lori getting into some deadly scrapes, encountering dodgy characters at every juncture as the story twists and turns. Her daughter bonds well with JT but Lori doesn’t seem keen on allowing her daughter to bond too closely with him.

Deep Down Dead is absolutely pulsating from the start. We’re dropped into an action filled read right from the beginning and presented with a cast of formidable characters. It’s a supremely confident debut from Broadribb that dishes out large amounts of action throughout and represents a sparky opening salvo in the story of Lori Anderson.

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